Writing a focus question

An issue is a concept upon which you can take a stand. Focused: What is the most significant effect of glacial melting on the lives of penguins in Antarctica?

What makes a rock a rock? Framing With a Focus Question 0 Want to make the most of your investigation? The clearer version specifies sites MySpace and Facebookthe type of potential harm privacy issuesand who may be experiencing that harm users.

Choose a Question that is Neither Too Broad or Too Narrow For example, if you choose juvenile delinquency a topic that can be researchedyou might ask the following questions: What is the rate of juvenile delinquency in the U.

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The question you ask should be developed for the discipline you are studying. Support esc. Is your research question complex?

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What question will encourage your students to be curious about the concepts? When in doubt, make a research question as narrow and focused as possible. On the other hand, a focused question such as "What are the pros and cons of Japanese management style?

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For example, if you're assigned a research topic on an issue confronting the ancient Babylonian family, remember, by virtue of your own family life, you already know a great deal about family issues. Use the focus question when you are circulating during student work time. Why is a research question essential to the research process? Students would still be dissecting owl pellets, but their focus would shift. Could students have a robust discussion about this question? Steps to developing a research question: Choose an interesting general topic. With so much research available on any given topic, research questions must be as clear as possible in order to be effective in helping the writer direct his or her research.
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Developing research questions