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Both Jeremiah and Timothy were called to minister in their youth. Therefore the Bible is the Word of God. Mormon beliefs Mormons believe that God revealed himself in the Bible but also in their Book of Mormon, a history of the early peoples of the Western hemisphere. The Scriptures are profitable for reproof. By faith in Christ alone, today you can receive Him as your Lord and Savior, turning from your sins in order to pursue His will. They base their hope of heaven on the mercy of God in response to their lives of obedience and morality. A spiritual child needs apostles, prophets, shepherds, teachers and evangelists to feed him with the word of God and build him up to maturity. Any time one acts out of the parameters of unconditional love, she resides in a Godless place: Hell the absence of God. Writing is only better when you want a permanent record. Each is clarified when we understand the larger context of the text in question.

If any one of these religions is right, the others by definition are wrong. The God I serve does not show partiality.

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They must learn the law of God. Such work is good, but to speak the word of God is of an altogether higher order.

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Related Articles. Sometimes it is just the word of man, and sometimes even the word of Satan. A few people are born again directly through reading the Scriptures, but normally God uses a human messenger. Make its principles the guideposts of your life. But God is the God who created all of space and if you believe in that kind of God, He can do anything. As a Missionary Baptist, I believe that God is living today and can play a very active role in our lives. I believe in the saving of souls from the clutches of dark forces. The Bible also is unique among books and definitely above them in a way that Mary was not above other women. The only questions that remain affect matters of spelling, punctuation, and isolated verses. Some people believe that Timothy wrote the letter to the Hebrews. As far as we know, Jesus only used the scriptures in this way when he opened them up to two disciples on the Emmaus road after his resurrection. Ultimately, their Author.

Do other religions agree with this characterization of their faith commitments? Our Bibles are not the original inspired words, but fallible translations.

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Nowhere did he exhort believers generally to study the scriptures, though he often exhorted them to pray. Maybe there were books that told a different story than the one we have in our Bibles.

the importance of the word of god

Nothing else compares, and nothing else assures our hearts like Scripture does.

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