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So, make it interesting.

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This is all up to you, but always keep in mind that you have many ways to reach the top. Furthermore, the airline industry is enormous. Answer: If an interviewer asks you this question, then he is trying to understand your motive behind choosing this career. Question 2: What made you pursue a degree in Aviation? But do not forget to add that their airline is your preferred choice. If you have a passion for flight in any or all of its forms, then a career in aviation is always a great choice. Travel Opportunities The obvious answer here is the travel opportunities a job in aviation can offer.

Working at an airport may not afford you the travel opportunities but it does offer stability and the excitement of dealing with worldly travelers. The economy has been seeing an upward facing curve and will continue to do so.

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In any career paths that individuals may choose, it is always important to have a way to grow, and opportunities to maximize your potential. Answer: If an interviewer asks you this question, then he is trying to understand your motive behind choosing this career. Our rating system lets you compare the agencies based on ratings and reviews from other candidates that have worked with them. Job flexibility—Experienced pilots have the luxury of working from various cities or wherever their jobs take them. Everybody knows what your job is and you know what their job is. You are what you wear, simple as that. Maybe you are more suited for a technical role such as a pilot, navigator, mechanic, or engineer. So refrain from criticizing your colleagues at any cost. Having so much time by yourself to get to know your principles and values is always a great thing. But just like every other industry, those looking for jobs in Aviation industry needs to do their homework well in advance. And it doesn't stop there, with some airlines, flight crew qualify for discounts on rental cars and hotels and even some travel attractions while on holiday. In addition, if your airline has reciprocal agreements with competing airlines, you can purchase deeply discounted tickets or receive free tickets on their flights as well. Things happen quickly.

Imagine finally being able to fly a plane all by yourself. And this isn't just specific to one particular airline either, as many airports and airlines offer similar schemes as they compete to attract and retain the skills they need.

Meeting New People In addition to the travel and variety, working in the air industry is a great way to meet many interesting new people on a daily basis.

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Here are some reasons why individuals often choose aviation as a career. Generally, employees can travel free or at a greatly reduced rate on their own airlines space permitting. The combination of skills required and the fact that every major city in the world has an airport, means that jobs for airlines and airports are accessible to those looking to pursue their career in aviation.

Being constantly stimulated has proven to increase happiness and overall well-being. Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream For many people, choosing a career in aviation is not about the money or the job security.

Last, but most certainly not least, a career in aviation brings with it a certain level of satisfaction. Answer: For this particular question, Internet comes as a great help.

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Five Reasons Candidates Choose to Work in the Aviation Industry