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In a "Hollywood" movie, the lovers could have eloped and lived "happy ever after," but this is real life, with its somehow inescapable rules.

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The older brother continues to become more violent and more criminal and is finally sent away by the mother to France for a supposed education. The film is also about life in South Vietnam, under French colonial rule.

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Deep inside, however, the mother is revolted by her daughter's relationship with the Chinaman, and she has several violent scenes with the girl, exacerbated by her oldest son's vicious interference. They talk on the boat and then he gives her a lift in his chauffeured limousine. The young man, impeccably dressed in a white cotton suit, emerges from his limousine and approaches the girl. The Chinaman marries the young sixteen years old , rich Chinese girl who his father chose for him, in a beautifully elaborate Chinese ceremony. Since the Chinaman is generous, the family pretends not to think about the relationship which likely exists between him and the girl. Since the story jumps around in time, I ended up pretty confused. A section that does not appear in any other version of the book. The mother and the two brothers gorge themselves on food, get drunk, and never speak to the Chinaman, except for her older brother, who insults him and tries to provoke a fight. She wears her hair in pigtails and her lips are painted with a brilliant red lipstick: this is a striking resemblance to the photographs of the young Duras, who wanted to be a woman before her time. Beautiful language or no beautiful language, a story needs to communicate. Thus, she becomes his lover, until he bows to the disapproval of his father and breaks off the affair.

I connected with Duras best when she described the fragility of first love. Did the younger brother die in the war or did fear of the older brother kill the younger?

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This is all right with her, she answers, since he is Chinese and, "[ In the colonial society, it is totally out of the question for her, a white girl, to marry a Chinese man.

The evocative love scenes save this book. The girl narrates the novel from the perspective of years and life experience.

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‘The Lover’ by Marguerite Duras