The friendship and betrayal among girls

As Victoria got scolded, I quietly packed my Barbies.

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For others there is more work to be done that begins with looking within to understand how to forge healthier female relationships. The work here is to feel complete in your own sense of self, and to feel satisfied with your natural gifts and beauty.

Competition Women feel a sense of competition toward one another because we've been trained to feel threatened, and this competition is strongest around the pursuit of a man. Perhaps there is a group, either locally and in person or online, that offers support for those who have been betrayed in this way.

Her friend helped me silently and whispered that she was sorry as I got up to leave.

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Most of us not all have not been raised to honor our female friendships above all else. I don't say it lightly that women are essential for the health of the world. But it is not as neat and tidy as presented on bumper stickers and inspirational Facebook posts. Perhaps there is a group, either locally and in person or online, that offers support for those who have been betrayed in this way. Continue Reading. Tapping into the inherent female qualities of intuition, compassion, empathy and nurturance make us extremely powerful and special. The decision to forgive needs to come first, though. Your friend might want you two to go back to the way you were but let your friend know you need to take it slow and do things in your own time. If they gossiped about you behind your back, be careful about gossiping about other friends. Spell out what you need in a kind way. I still get hate mail now.

Every woman is uniquely herself, and as women we need to honor that as much as we would with our own daughters. Her mom heard me crying and Victoria yelling, and came in to separate us.

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Here are some tips on moving beyond the betrayal and reclaiming your life. You might also want to look around for support groups , even online. Women envy each other's looks, clothes, hair, job, body and man. These losses take time to process and heal. If we want to survive and thrive as women we have to respect and honor each other enough to not hurt and betray one another. For many of us the solution is about choice of friends and making careful decisions about the women we align with. Cover Image Credit: Priotime. We have not been taught to depend on each other for what we need, and to find security in the historical kinship we share as a gender. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

My longtime girlfriend and I broke up this week and I came to find out that she had been cheating on me with one of my supposed friends.

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To the Girls Who Betrayed Me, Life's Better Without Your Toxic Friendship