The controversies surrounding the ground zero mosque fronted by imam rauf

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Advertisement: In a story last week , the New York Times, which framed the project in a largely positive, noncontroversial light last December, argued that it was cursed from the start by "public relations missteps. It was bizarre, bizarre to go and speak on a tour, to speak at universities! We did receive Sean's torso, parts of his leg, and part of his head, separated. Nor are we here to barter. His remains could still be buried in the earth deep below the WTC foundations — or, more likely, they fell as ashes, not so far away--perhaps, indeed, where the Burlington Coat Factory still stands. I saw this woman and this man that were kind of orchestrating this. And I got so frustrated at that point with these guys. I'm running- it doesn't work. How could anyone miss the parallels? What most New Yorkers, and most Americans, are looking for, though, is an absolutely unambiguous acknowledgment by moderate Muslim leaders, specifically Imam Rauf, stating that Muslims did, indeed, perpetrate the terrorist attacks of 11 September in the name of Islam, even if it is a version of Islam they themselves abhor. That has been one of the major criticisms. He had been on a State Department-sponsored goodwill tour of the Middle East until recently. I mean, there is even a part of the plane that hit that building. What are the truths?

I mean, the concept is mine. The people that proposed this mosque, they never held a forum to reach out to the families at large. Why aren't they being more sensitive? We turned around and we looked at the television and we saw that plane coming in.

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This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays. We want Muslims to learn about Christianity and Judaism.

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If they're radical organizations, we ought to know about it. Soon after El-Gamal's parents split, his mother died. My wife works there! I'm so sorry for their loss, but I had nothing to do with it.

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