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I went in today at opening and was helped immediately. Then when I file a dispute to get it back they return it to me then took it back a few weeks later!!! The woman I was speaking to was terse, rude, and condescending. I'm part of a sister CU and the first time I used their ATM machine, it ate my money, spit some of it out then crashed and blacked out.

With my other bank, site-employed tellers were really good but phone customer service was lacking. Q: What if my account number is only 2 digits? I've been a member at PFCU for about 5 years, and never really had a complaint.

A: Once you have re-enrolled, you can always log in with your username and password. A: Yes.

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I'm sorry, but I expect more. Then, my checks didn't show and had to be re-ordered. Q: Telephone Teller is asking me for a 3-digit account suffix.

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