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A good sales associate can move from selling spa products to getting involved in booking large conventions and make a significant amount of money. The qualifications you choose to mention in your cover letter should dovetail with the qualifications that are mentioned in the job announcement. Warmly Try a broader letter sample search Professional CV Builder Since , LiveCareer's team of career coaches, certified CV writers and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger CVs, write more persuasive cover letters and develop better interview skills. As a retail sales associate with Dress Hut I assist customers in finding and making purchases merchandise inventory and tidy the store. Job Description Sales associates generally work in a retail environment, like grocery stores, electronics stores, clothing stores, warehouse clubs, super centers and auto parts stores. I enjoy the new experience each day brings and working with the public. If you want to move up in your sales associate career, then go to MyPerfectCoverLetter and use our free services to create an impressive sales associate cover letter. Dear Ms. Additionally, my commitment to staying up-to-date on current fashion trends is sure to make me an asset to your team. I am ecstatic at the opportunity to continue working as a Sales Associate, and I strongly believe that I could positively contribute to [Target Company] and help it achieve both short-term and long-term goals. My customer service skills are beyond compare and I have an approachable demeanor which shoppers appreciate. I have enclosed my resume, and will call over the course of the next week to follow up and see if we might find a time for us to speak in person.

Feel free to email me at your earliest convenience — I am available for an interview at any time. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss how I may fit in as a Retail Sales Associate at your store.

The qualifications you choose to mention in your cover letter should dovetail with the qualifications that are mentioned in the job announcement. Not sure how to write one?

By being able to work with a variety of personalities and adapting based on situational needs, I have contributed and succeeded in both work environments.

I am comfortable with every aspect of retail sales from stocking inventory to ringing up purchases.

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A sales associate must be adaptable, and adaptability is best illustrated through detailed examples. Personally, I am someone who is very passionate about luxury goods and fine jewellery, And as you will see from my enclosed CV, I have worked in various customer service roles, from high street fashion store to a translator and personal assistant, all of these experiences have equipped me with good communication skills, personal manner and service etiquette for high profile clients.

Read on for tips and an example of how to write a summer sales associate cover letter. My customer service, organizational skills, and attention to detail are qualities that would make me an excellent Seasonal Sales Associate. Be as specific as possible!

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Below is a sample cover letter for a seasonal sales associate position to use as a guide. They also explain warranties and other options to customers and restock shelves from the storeroom. I have six years of retail sales experience and truly enjoy working in the sales industry.

While the position may be listed as temporary or seasonal, you never know what the role may develop into, so putting your best foot forward now can help set you up for success later.

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