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An interesting psychological dynamic underlies this phenomenon.

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Suggested Readings Teresa M. Like matching people at the expense of more high-impact actions, such with the right assignments, deciding how much as matching people to the right assignments and time and money to give to a team or project is a so- granting freedom around work processes. But the solution that arises from the process is likely to be unimaginative. Almost invariably, though, they found their passion and interest growing through a deep involvement in the work. Supervisory Encouragement. As a result, such support was expected and recognized. A couple of months tic changes. But the fact is that the first two are more difficult and time consuming to influence than motivation. Managers can influence the first two, but doing so is costly and slow. Instead, something agerial practices are definitively linked to positive of a shotgun wedding occurs.

Some of them may befiourishingin a dark corner- In terms of challenge, for instance, members of or even in tbe light.

By following each team every day through the entire course of a creative project, we had a window into the details of what happened as the project progressed—or failed to progress, as the case may be. Yet in the pursuit of productivity, efficiency, and control--all worthy business imperatives--they undermine creativity.

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But passion and interest-a person's internal de- As for work style, the scientist will be more likely sire to do something-are what intrinsic motiva- to achieve creative success if she perseveres through tion is all about.

Take, for example, a scientist at a pharma- artistic originality often lead to confusion about the ceutical company who is charged with developing a appropriate place of creativity in business organi- blood-clotting drug for hemophiliacs.

Managers cannot be expected to ignore business imperatives, of course. In tbe three years since its inception, CNV has handed Fostering creativity often off II projects to tbe business sectors for execution.

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Additionally Dr. How to motivate your problem people. Managers in successful, creative organizations rarely offer specific extrinsic rewards for particular outcomes. While expertise, which is defined as the sum of knowledge an individual possesses, and originality are thought to be somewhat of a resource that can be tapped on, the engine that powers both of them resides in motivation.

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