Reduction technique of water evaporation

Reduce evaporation of water in plants

Combination of hexadeconal and octadeconal was also used for better results. The increasing demand for municipal and industrial fresh water, and the current increase in the global temperature indicate that it is necessary to employ techniques for reducing evaporation aiming at the conservation of water supplies. Trapeznikov, A. A rough calculation: my case — Average annual evaporation in my area Clare, SA is about 2m. Water Works Assoc. This simple and direct method has been used before with tap water, and the results obtained are in good agreement with the literature. Davies, J. Bilkadi, Z. Dubost, D.

Wells, A. Surprisingly, the results presented in Table 2 showed even higher values of evaporation reduction The costs of the individual products can be found in another section of this page. E,vol.

methods of reducing evapotranspiration

Frenkiel, J. Dorn, P. However, it is also recognized that films of fatty alcohols spread from solid particles may be affected by factors such as the perimeter of the crystals in contact with water, the historic of the solid sample i.

The results presented in Tables 3 and 4 were all obtained with a mixed film of CC18 in the proportion of McNamee, C.

On the other hand, since the studied films are to be applied on the surface of real reservoirs, it is also important to verify the efficiency of such films in reducing evaporation of natural water samples.

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Reducing evaporation losses from farm dams