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According to the NSO or National Statistics Office in the Philippines, the population growth as of is ninety eight million seven hundred thirty four thousand seven hundred ninety eight or 98,, in numbers. Not only for the present but also for future generations so that they are able to live long and healthy lives The overall growth rate, which peaked in the late s, has been falling steadily since the s. Sub-Saharan Africa is projected to become the primary source of population increase United, , yet lack of infrastructure represents…. Even if a worldwide policy of two children per couple, instead of the current 2. In addition, the government of Alberta takes all possible measures to increase the quality of life and develop health facilities for all population groups. Nevertheless, due to the fact that population growth makes worse all those unfortunate situations, and the control of population density can buy us some time to control the re The population is increasing rapidly. From to , the Netherlands saw vast changes in population composition, economy, and culture. Population statistics show that there were 1. Increasing of population has been put pressuring on natural resources because of demands of production and consumption are high. The population itself has reached overwhelming numbers making it a problem that could turn to be dangerous.

An increase in human population can influence our economy. In the film Frontline: Heat, we can see how there might not be a future for our planet unless we are able to reduce the emissions and make our world a safe place.

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Population growth has been rapidly increasing and it has become one of the biggest issues we have today. The earlier Homo sapiens were vegetarians and gathers they hunted and fished for food.

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However, this once-carefree opinion has twisted and mutated and created a monster: human population growth. The human population is close to 8 billion, and at our current birthrate, we are adding nearly one billion more people every 12 years.

Hence, we now need 64 billion cubic meters of water, per year for everyone in the World.

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A population is the number of individuals of a given species within a specified area or habitat.

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