Pet shop in bangladesh

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We can be also going to telephone interview to collect our primary data. The mean of this survey shows that most of the shops get supplied pets from outside of Dhaka. In the beginning of pet shop business, the upper level person generally comes to buy the pet animals. The most of the shops generally sells tk. In these sample unit there also categorized among two groups: one is birds and animal and another group is fish in aquarium. Besides this, they also faced huge competition, decreasing rate of customers, environmental pollution etc which are hampered their business. Less common in pet stores are larger mammals such as dogs and cats.

The mean of this survey shows that customers are quietly satisfied to buy pets from Katabon. PetRelocation will obtain this on your behalf. Question 3: [pic][pic][pic]?

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This business runs all the years. The small shops pay generally tk. And the others priced motors also available according the size and quality of the motors. Less common in pet stores are larger mammals such as dogs and cats. The standard deviation shows the high difference between the answers. They generally set their price on cost basis and try recovering all expenses and getting profit. The main types of pets are birds, dogs, monkey, rats, genipap, tortoises, toads, fish, cats and many others items with customers interest. We will give our questionnaire form to a person to fill it up. The most of the pet shops generally sells low according to their expenses. And another most of the shops are sold fish in their shops. Question 9: [pic][pic][pic]? We did not get appropriate secondary data on this issue.

If you are traveling from another country, the Governing Authority responsible for the import and export of animals should endorse the forms. Because they only get birds in a specific season.

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NGOs play a significant role in society. Dogs: Dogs also one of the most popular pet in katabon. Another are strongly agree and also bare disagree with this statement. The most of shops sell decorations for aquarium between tk and others shop also sell tk decorations for aquarium. Research Tools: 1. The price of the dogs may vary with their class and bueaty. So their profit rate is decreasing day day. This tabulation shows the all over situation whether the pet shops are going through critical stage or not.

The ordered pets after the sold of their stocks pets. Now Amit industry of Bangladesh is also importing these products. The most of the shops generally sell tk priced for fishes in their shops.

Pet shop in bangladesh

The disagree respondents thinks that DU have to need provide more scope to conduct the business. In the UK and many other countries, dogs and cats are not sold at pet stores. The pet shoppers in Katabon should have to need provide better healthy environment to keep up the pets.

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Fishs: The fishs also one of the popular pet among the people of urban area. We can be also going to telephone interview to collect our primary data.

So we make this report on the basis of primary survey data. Pet shop business has started with a few numbers of business men to establish a new business sector.

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