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Process theology is much more preferable here as it suggests that God is powerful but NOT omnipotent. In a likewise fashion, we can know much about the interior and external personality of a human being from what he or she she has made and from the ideas that inspired his or her creation.

What are God's rights over His creation?

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Is he good? Spending time in nature does something very positive, constructive, and healing to us. After all, it is home to us all. An Essay on Man is a poem published by Alexander Pope in — This shows how nature is; every living thing exists in perfect harmony. Around and around we go! In the modern technological world, lots of inventions are getting launched daily without taking care of any advantages and disadvantages to nature. God sustains and protects all that exists in the universe. This was shown when Jesus raised people from the dead.

We are left with the obvious realization that it is simply impossible for everything to come from nothing. Native peoples were very much aware of the role of the Creator. The fourth teaching was of God giving new life. Although it is comforting to think that God is with us and experiences how we feel, there is no way that key attributes such as perfection and immutability can be retained.

When we live complex lives in a rather artificial world that we have made for ourselves, we create complex problems to which the solutions are often decades away, if solvable at all.

Christians believe undeniably that God still performs miracles today.

Essay on god is one

The processes of creation and forces of nature act quite similar to those of an artist who is painting a masterpiece. He is not a part of His Creation nor is His creation a part of Him. All these showed how death came because of sin, and how Jesus rose them therefore he had the power to be able to forgive the sin. By means of spending quality time in nature, we come to automatically know that we are not just mere animals, designed to roam the land, and carelessly, selfishly, gobble up and destroy whatever resources are available for our mere survival, even though many people, unfortunately, do just that. The third book would discuss politics and religion, while the fourth book was concerned with "private ethics" or "practical morality. Caring for Creation At the heart of this connection between Creator and creation is embedded our divinely given role of environmental stewards. At times, it seems as if the subject of God is an ongoing, societal tug of war game. This divinely charged responsibility to be guardians and caretakers of nature is a particular area where science and religion work beautifully together. From the objective data that science gives us about nature and how to care for it properly, all of humanity can then join in and properly carry out their divinely given role as stewards of creation, and do so with great love and devotion. Was this a fluke?

The caressing sound of the ocean waves, the trickling of a mountain stream, and the hypnotic trance of the rain lapses our souls into a state of divine calm. It is divine, transcendent, and powerfully inspirational.

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