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Hindi In India most of the states have their own language. There are two dialects that have been diverging for years. Greek was adopted by the Etruscans and adapted for their alphabet and from there became the Latin alphabet of the Roman Empire. Ideal for whole- class teacher demonstration. Linguistically they are dialects of the same language. The main language of this branch is Farsi also called Iranian, Dari and Persian , the main language of Iran and much of Afghanistan. The Indic Branch This branch has the most languages. Case is the property where a noun takes a different ending depending on its role in a sentence. The modern languages of China for example, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese are still written using logograms called Chinese Characters or Kanji in Japanese. Ground, Grass and Sky Alphabet Banner - Cursive SB This printable banner spans 3 landscape A4 sheets and is a great way of displaying the alphabet in class when focusing on formation and letter positioning.

These languages are official or co-official in many countries and are important in academic, technical and world organisations. Languages that are essential in multinational contexts or with large numbers of speakers.

Using whiteboard pens your pupils can practise writing sounds that reach to the sky e.

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Geg is spoken in the north of Albania and Kosovo Kosova. An even closer relative is Frisian. You can create writing practice sheets in D'Nealian or Zaner-Bloser style, in print or cursive form - and it's all for free!

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Alphabets and syllabaries are now used for all written languages apart from Chinese Characters used in China and Japan. The Celtic Branch This is now the smallest branch. Use the example alphabet and the grid paper to practice. Of the modern North Indian languages, Hindi and Urdu are very similar but differ in the script.

The Indo-European Family is divided into twelve branches, ten of which contain existing languages. It is interesting that you cannot tell which family a language belongs to by the way it is written.

Use the example alphabet and the grid paper to practice. These people bagan to migrate between BC and BC, spreading west to Europe, south to the Mediterranian, north to Scandinavia, and east to India. The Arabic script spread with Islam and was adapted for use by other languages. German has three dialects spoken in northern Germany, southern Germany and Austria, and a very different form spoken in Switzerland. Romansh is a minority language in Switzerland. With these alphabet worksheets, kids can use transparent counters or dot paint to find the letters. Phoenician slowly evolved into Hebrew via Aramaic and Arabic via Nabatean , both within the area of its invention. In Chinese writing each character denotes an idea or complete word. Designed for use as a teacher demonstration tool for showing children how to form letters. Phoenician is thus considered to be the ancestor of all modern alphabets and syllabaries. The Roma migrated to Europe from India. Its study is important in determining the origins and evolution of the family. Great for practising letter formation. They could be laminated for use with fine dry- wipe pens, or used as templates for writing or formation practise.

With minor variations this alphabet has evolved to all the modern scripts in the world, even down to the sequence of the letters. By far the most common writing systems in the world are based on symbols determined by sounds rather than words. Some of the great classical languages of religion, culture and philosophy were Indo-European.

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