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For the student who only hits above standard in one or two criteria, it shows that they do have skills that excel and gives them a map for rising above other standards, too. Students' self-efficacy for writing was also assessed to see if it was affected by the type of assessment students were assigned to use.

Is that not ultimately the goal when teaching students how to write? You have given more than the required lenth but maintained high quality. This article focuses on secondary writing assessment, where instructors are typically limited by local and statewide requirements.

Unfortunately, writing quality was not assessed in this study, so any effect of rubric use on writing quality was not examined. After researching classrooms in which teachers used the SPR regularly, Fluckiger noted that students assessed with the SPR showed greater student achievement, stronger self-assessment skills, and higher quality of final drafts.

Thus, the analytic rubric was born—from a gross oversimplification of a complex issue. Fulfills some of the requirements of the assignment.

reflective journal rubric

English Journal, 96 4 If every learner falls below the standard on a given criterion, the red flags are visible with a quick skim of the graded rubrics. Rubrics act as an external representation of appropriate criteria for a writing task, which could facilitate the process of reflection during writing.

Attached to the assignment guidelines were three copies of whichever assessment tool each student was assigned to use as they completed their paper.

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No descriptive language or detail was used. That leaves me writing similar responses at least half of the time I assess any project, with individualized comments on a few different criteria for each student.

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Rubrics for Journals & Journaling