Isearch research paper

For example, one student who had asthma felt he needed to know everything he could about the disease and its possible effects on his life. An I-Search paper is a perfect opportunity to use Nepris. Summary: A sumamry note includes only the main idea and the most important supporting details of the passage.

Take a look at the following handout that walks you through completing an I-Search paper. You should allow your own voice to show through your words. Starting an I-Search Paper Starting your I-Search paper begins with a free write to help students discover a meaningful topic.

After forming you research question and subdividing it, you now have a specific goal in mind. It should not only be interesting and informative, but also lend itself to research. However, any information that you obtain from outside sources that is not common knowledge must be documented.

Dana FitzpatrickM. To avoid accidently plagarism, put clearly visible quotation marks at the beginning and end of the quoted passage. Take notes from your sources: Unless you are one of those fortunate people with a photographic memory, good notes are invaluable.

State your steps. If that same historian consulted material from other biographies of the same general from history books that included material about the general, he would be using secondary sources.

i-search model

In the main body of the paper, the student then tells the story of the search in a first-person narrative, explaining the route taken to find information and answer important questions, recording the way the central question evolves and changes.

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