I want to write an advice column

i want to write an advice column

Her Tribune email address receives between and messages per day, and that's not counting her Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, where anyone can contact her.

But as we hurtle deeper into the Internet age, today's most popular columnists — from "Ask Amy" to "Dear Sugar" to "Dear Prudence" — are entering the field in totally different ways. An inaccurate reply can be death to your career as a columnist.

While not everyone is going to follow the advice you offer, the odds are higher if you're a recognized expert in your field and not just another talking head with an opinion.

The advantages here are many. I want, I realize, what Havrilesky has.

how to do it advice column

Whatever niche you're in, contact businesses related to that industry and ask if they'd like to place an ad.

So she wanted to step out from behind it, and also to claim it, since the column showcased some of her best writing. Oh my goddd, I love this! And of course, ask for payment, reminds Martinez Standring.

Of the letters "Dear Prudence" receives in a given a week, Yoffe responds to about 20 across the various formats. Being a professional such as a lawyer or doctor gives you automatic credibility to write about law and medicine, respectively. This is because you can create automatic archives and your most recent advice article would be the first one a new visitor would see.

Stay focused on the problem rather than splintering off into a plethora of other issues.

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the weird world of writing an advice column