How to write alessandro volta in urdu wikipedia

how to write alessandro volta in urdu wikipedia

Brief History of Electroplating Italian chemist Luigi Valentino Brugnatelli is credited as the inventor of modern electrochemistry in In Novemberhe found methane at Lake Maggiore[10] and by he managed to isolate methane.

For many years it was believed that this was a new form of electricity that they called "animal electricity". Volta soon found that this approach was very cumbersome and so he developed another idea. He made a good choice because when the Austrians returned in they closed the University, but Volta remained free.

In his researches, Volta became intrigued by the many different kinds of "air" that could be found, one of which could be seen bubbling from lakes and ponds.

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There he befriended H. He also put a number of cells together in series to produce a larger voltage. This contraption was surprisingly effective firing a lead ball and denting wood at a distance of 5 metres. Volta refined his experiments further. Hydrogen, or as it was called then, "inflammable air" had been isolated in , and ten years after this in , Volta discovered a new gas that we know as methane today. In particular he took an interest in electricity. He discovered that when an electrical discharge occurred near a frog's leg whilst it was being dissected, the discharge made its leg twitch. Fortunately his suggestion was not taken up because one of these early units equated to Russian and British scientists independently invented deposition methods that came into use by to copper plate printing press plates.

Electroplating is used in jewelry making to coat base metals with precious metals to make them more attractive and valuable and sometimes more durable.

The resin rested on the lower plate and the upper plate had an insulated handle attached to its centre that permitted it to be lifted from the resin cake.

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It was during this period that a friend named Giulio Cesare Gattoni provided books and guidance to help his study of electricity. His discovery of methane in particular brought him considerable renown and as a result he received a travel grant from the Austrian government that ruled northern Italy at this time.

In this way he discovered the electrochemical seriesand the law that the electromotive force emf of a galvanic cellconsisting of a pair of metal electrodes separated by electrolyte, is the difference between their two electrode potentials thus, two identical electrodes and a common electrolyte give zero net emf.

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His bride, Signorina Teresa Peregrini was much younger than himself and was the youngest daughter of Count Ludovico Peregrini. First Volta did this by making the individual cells out of wine goblets with brine in them.

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