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Data and materials For all journals, BioMed Central strongly encourages all datasets on which the conclusions of the manuscript rely to be either deposited in publicly available repositories where available and appropriate or presented in the main paper or additional supporting files, in machine-readable format such as spread sheets rather than PDFs whenever possible.

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The developers have taken this into consideration for future developments of the programme. For more information on BioMed Centrals policies on data availability, please see our [editorial policies].

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Most of the software packages differ in the types of input files they accept, and many only accept one type of input file e. No single software package guides the reviewer through all stages of a systematic review or map project from question formation to the exporting of project documentationmeaning stages such as literature searches or analysis and writing up of results are often expected to be managed separately.

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Any in press articles cited within the references and necessary for the reviewers' assessment of the manuscript should be made available if requested by the editorial office. Do not include files such as patient consent forms, certificates of language editing, or revised versions of the main manuscript document with tracked changes.

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CADIMA allows users to conduct either on- or off-line extraction of data and meta-data, 5 by either directly entering information into CADIMA or by providing a download of the data extraction sheet as a spreadsheet file that can be uploaded once extraction is complete. Furthermore, CADIMA offers the possibility of uploading results generated by the review team, to make synthesis results available to third parties, i. Furthermore, some programs have advanced capabilities to manage articles in other languages and other character sets e. CADIMA allows users to undertake critical appraisal online, while the extracted data relevant to the critical appraisal are shown together with the appraisal criteria. CADIMA facilitates the importing and exporting of the results of searching and synthesis to allow literature searches and statistical analysis to be conducted flexibly, using alternative software, and focuses on simplifying the tracking large numbers of review articles throughout the process. Presenting data and results CADIMA facilitates thorough documentation of the review process, providing, besides others, the following information and data formats: i. Only the nominated members of the respective review team and the review coordinator can access the new evidence synthesis. Web-based functions were available for 15 of the packages and seven involved downloadable applications. In addition, the critical appraisal judgement system i.
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