How did bill gates and steve jobs differ in their leadership style

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At the age of 14, the two had formed their first computer company. Page 5 of 6 References: Difference Between. He believes in the value of input from his employees for overall company success.

bill gates leadership style

He spends most of his time for staying touch with customers and employees around the world. Microsoft exploded after the development of software for IBM between the years Jobs has also changed as a manger and a leader.

Inthey launched their individual company.

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While Steve jobs offered only one set of ideas to be used to the board, he still was a genius when it came to innovative design. Page 5 of 6 References: Difference Between. A leader must lead according to the needs of the organization. An autocratic leadership has one person in charge, the authoritarian, who collects little to no input from team members. Great leaders lead with the best interests of their employees in mind. Apple is dominating technological gadgets in the world while Microsoft is being used by Office Suite software which is quite imperative in the corporate world. Bill Gates, on the other hand, gained massive profits and rose to be one of the wealthiest men in the world. In , they launched their individual company. He has matured and looks to his professional staff for advice and ideas. People who lead in a laissez-faire leadership style are leaders who allows their team to take control in decision making and in their part of the assignment. On the other hand, Steve Jobs was driven by studying people and finding out what makes their lives easier. They are very good in implementing high-quality ideas, and working on those ideas to convert it into successful products. Gates persuaded Ballmer to leave school and join Microsoft. Basically, the leader is not micromanaging their team members.

He is an instinctive innovator and entrepreneur. He was seen as demanding on his team members and more of a dictator than an actual leader. He is very focused in his vision which made his company a market leader in software industry Gates, Bill Gates, on the other hand, was more open to ideas of employees to create concepts for new products.

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Gates brought in another one of his friends from Harvard, Steve Ballmer. For him, money was nice, but it was never about only the money.

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Differences Between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs