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Harley-Davidson had a difficult year in , as it saw a decline in share price, revenues, and profits from the previous year. Motorcycles are primarily used during -armer months9 from mid. In response to the case, Harley-Davidson has not seen any significant drop-off in terms of production or sales, with net revenues actually rising from the end of the case study in to its most recent report. The main competition the Harley-Davidson brand faces comes from Honda, BMW, and Yamaha, as these companies have all adapted to the needs of these overseas markets. Harley-Davidson has tried to implement this strategy with various techniques, with the main one being creating a strong sense of community between Harley-Davidson owners. The connection to freedom is a big part of the Harley-Davidson strategy as well, as they seek to offer people a sense of exhilaration and independence on the road. Buell Motorcycle has a product line which is known for speed and handling, and Harley-Davidson has done a good job of incorporating these motorcycles. Davidson s competitors. How and when Harley-Davidson will enter India is to be seen. These include RVs, motocross bikes, all-terrain vehicles, and more. There is fear that the brand will lose many of its customers because of the aging baby boomers, however the brand has enough recognition to survive the decline of its primary consumers. One recent issue which has hurt the company was a workers strike in February In India and 5hina9 delayed for several years due to high tariffs and emissions regulations 2.

Davidson their suppliers and Harley. Harley-Davidson has found ways to turn these factors into strengths while pursuing a strategy using focused differentiation to sell its products.

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The company is looking to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering motorcycles that have more power, custom accessories, and carry the Harley-Davidson brand name and logo.

Davidson is increasingly reliant on international sales9 especially in "urope. Grom the a ove mentioned products and services9 -e can derive that Harley.

Davidson ike is not up to level of some countries across the glo e 2. Davidson sells different classes of heavy-eight motorcycles are designed for cruising on high-ays.

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