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Lecoeuche, Renaud The University of Edinburgh, Requirements engineering is an important part of software engineering.

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Zihan Yin: Linking adverbials in English. These needs may be functional, i. Nicolov, Nicolas N. Anna Piasecki :The effects of proficiency on sub-lexical processing in bilingual visual word recognition.

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In this thesis I propose that this structure can be explained in terms of the pressures acting on it Kemel Jouini:Parametric and microparametric investigations in the sentence structure of Arabic. Maria Stubbe:"Was that my misunderstanding? Seyed Hadi Mirvahedi:Language policies, language practices and language shift in Tabriz. Gillian Claridge:What makes a good graded reader? Zihan Yin: Linking adverbials in English. Kohler, Klaus J. The University of Edinburgh, The mental lexicon is a complex structure organised in terms of phonology, semantics and syntax, among other levels.

Santos Maldonado, Carmen The University of Edinburgh, Current models of visual word recognition assume that the recognition of a stimulus word is affected by orthographically similar words orthographic neighbourhood. Former students Shih Min Loo: Investigating face-to-face and computer-mediated out-of-class collaboration in an English for Technical Writing course in Malaysia.

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Hill, David John The University of Edinburgh, The lexical development of second language learners can be seen to involve them in a process of recategorization. The University of Edinburgh, It is argued that propositions are general, which is taken to mean that there are no such things as 'singular terms' in the sense that certain parts of sentences are connected in a direct and simple one-to-one way with This is also a lifelong, though progressively attenuated, feature in the first language. Mindreading abilities in turn profit from language, as language provides a means for Murray in his. Carr, Jon William The University of Edinburgh, Languages evolve in response to various pressures, and this thesis adopts the view that two pressures are especially important. You may download it for your own personal use only. Nicholas Wilson:Leadership as communicative practice: The discursive construction of leadership and team identity in a New Zealand rugby team.

Recent Submissions Al Rassi, Reham Abdulrahman Ibrahim The University of Edinburgh, Although previous research has examined the effects of bilingualism on cognitive functions, specific biliteracy effects have not been investigated.

Jeanette Fletcher:The role of discourse in establishing an enabling context for organizational knowledge creation: An ethnographic study.

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