Child beauty pageants opinion essay

This business started with swimming suit competition and later added as the years passed by. Beauty pageants are great for self-confidence and are tons of fun.

Pageants are ubiquitous, in the USA, 2. A or Miss World. Do beauty pageants still serve their purpose in society. I believe parents should not pressure these children to participate in these type of events. Of course any parent would be proud of their little girl if they won a beauty contest because beauty pageants would help little girls to be comfortable around adults, give them a chance to win money and teach them the importance of friendly competition; however, there are downsides such as the amount of money that must be spent, the harsh competitive hours and training girls must go through, and most importantly the emotional and physical damage in can cause in the long run Sports teach the value of team work, determination, agility, keeping the eyes on the goal, how to work the mind, and many other abilities depending on the game. That can lead to anorexia and bulimia. The biggest, the Miss World competition, had been running annually since , and although it is less popular in the UK now than it was in , when it attracted They show off their talents and are judged upon what they do best. Child pageants are also contributing to the sexualization of younger girls. Opinions vary from person to person, and reasoning also varies. While some believe beauty pageants to be harmless social events that provide educational and national advancement, spawn awareness for charitable causes, and encourage confidence, others suggest that such competitions confuse societal morals, exploit women, and instill insecurity in young girls worldwide Vanderbilt University.

How to hone your beauty? Healy, Michelle.

Child beauty pageants opinion essay

Not exactly. She finishes with a brilliant beam and pose, thinking of how much she has gone through to be on that stage: the eye waxing, hair dying, extreme dieting, fake teeth, layers of make-up, clouds of hairspray, extensions that give her headaches throughout the day, and the hours of practice she is forced to execute As showcased, not all beauty pageants help in enhancing the confidence, bettering the personality and shaping young girls.

Six year old Cindy pounces into the rays of the spotlight with a sham smile, flaunting her rehearsed dance, facial expressions, and postures.

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This topic has been a great interest to be since the first time I watched Toddlers and Tiaras. Unfortunately, the problem with young girls participating in glitz beauty pageants is that they are sadly being misguided.

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There is pressure to be perfect and pretty whenever the contestant is on stage. Little girls get the chance to actually become a small little princess for a day. Now back to your point. Many parents make the assumption that child beauty pageants are a good thing. This issue is red hot in Australia right now, as the June date for the first American-style child pageant to be held in this country approaches…. Every little girl dreams to be beautiful like a princess. Many girls dream to become Miss U.
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