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Chew J. Trevinno, L. This chapter reveals, starting by reiterating aim and objectives of the research study and moving to definition of healthcare and CSR, about pharmaceutical industry, CSR roles in pharmacy as well as healthcare, CSR practices in AstraZeneca and its end with CSR policies and measures of AstraZeneca. The company welcomes many global communities and cultural aspects which are delivering more values and more benefits to their business. The corporate responsibility of pharmaceutical company is not only to develop economic performance; it also must develop the social and environmental performance. In recent years, there has been a rise of increased demand regarding the social responsibility from the public. The development of society depends on the quality of healthy people. Human being is dependent for their sustainable health, well being and care of life on fundamental systems and processes. The pharmaceutical industry must full fill stakeholder needs and wants. The corporate social responsibility ensures the task of corporate governance with the structural and organizational aspects.

Everything that comes from invention and it as some utility, but its utilization is possible on the availability of appropriate technology. The AstraZeneca has mostly concentrated on their research and Development to increase their innovation of new medicines to the society. When a team can reframe a challenge into a positive opportunity, a new roadmap of growth and positive experiences can be provided for all.

They formed the conference for entitled the training session for employees and concentrated more when the accident or incident or happen at the times. Trevinno, L. Purpose The purpose of the study is to investigate how the global pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca includes CSR in their daily operations.

It should understanding about the corporate responsibility of healthcare industry to increase their value of economic, social and environment factors. It also defines the values of the principles of the company CSR helps the health care industry to develop its own understanding of how its behavior relates to external expectations.

So the government should concentrated more in health care sector and must recognize the research and development and their new invention of medicines.

K country also get talented scientist and have a health and wealth of economic growth. The WHO has ensured that cleanliness of environment and social aspects brings healthy life. About peoples were directly employed.

It also states that CSR practices is how important to a pharmaceutical Industry to achieve its ultimate goals and objectives. They seek to increase the value of the concern.

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