Assessment and planning of discharge needs in geriatrics essay

The peak expiratory flow was monitored and recorded to identify the obstructive pattern of breathing that takes place in asthma Hilton, The goal statement in this case would be for Kate to maintain normal breathing, which is normally 12 — 18 breaths per minute in adults Mallonand to increase air intake.

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However, the elderly patients of today grew up in a time when medical problems were not openly discussed. However, this lower level of privacy has to be balanced against causing anxiety to the patient.

The staff from the home health agency or public health district will take the information from all of the team members in making their own plans for assignment and recommendations after discharge. In The Merck Manual.

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Your first step is to talk with the physician and discharge planner and express your reservations. Caregivers, patients, and advocates are continuing their efforts to alter our healthcare system to make discharge planning a priority. Therefore, these patients require a major understanding of detailed discharge education of medication regimen, side effects, and interactions to prevent them from suffering complications.

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How did all this affect her ability to provide you with information during the assessment? Family and friends also might assist you with home care. She was agitated and anxious. The patient has been newly diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes. Her daughter stated that Kate has a very active social life; she enjoys going out for shopping using a shopping trolley. Since errors with medications are frequent and potentially dangerous, a thorough review of all medications should be an essential part of discharge planning. Did this affect the way the questions were asked? The following provides an overview of the process of institutionalization of adults with serious mental illness, a description of the population, the current treatments available, and the current concern surrounding the lack of adequate discharge planning for incarcerated adults with serious mental illness. These were documented hourly for early identification of any deterioration of condition; it also encouraged early identification of interventions. Improve communication between hospital and community-based services.

Barrett, Wilson and Woollands adefined a care plan as an integrated document that addresses each identified need and risk. The city receives precipitation of about mm annually.

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An assisted living facility allows for monitoring of the patient overall wellness and general health and can coordinate medication administration and monitor compliance Maryland State Bar Association, Home health nurses can assist by visiting the patient at home during the week to ensure proper medication administration as well as assessing the patient for signs of depression and worsening hypertension, diabetes or depression. Studies have found that improvements in hospital discharge planning can dramatically improve the outcome for patients as they move to the next level of care. Another way nurses can deliver a …show more content… This includes offering structured discharge educational programs and every so often conducting workshops that educate nurses to provide effective discharge planning. Since elderly patients have often lost several members of their family parents, siblings, even children in some cases , they are very much aware of their own mortality. Conclusion Multiple studies have explored the importance of effective discharge planning and transitional care, and have highlighted the very real benefits in improved patient outcomes and lower rehospitalization rates. Because he still relies on a walker, he would be unable to climb or descend the stairs and unable to participate in his own bakery business. The name and age are also vital in order to correctly identify the patient to avoid mistakes. Personal hygiene. Among the physical aspects assessed are vital signs and general observations of the patient.

If the patient is able to make sound decisions and simply has no concerns, he may do well at home. While these devices can be installed, the patient is at risk until the installation is complete. She will watch the patient get completely dressed to identify any special needs and assess risk can the patient tie his shoes or will the laces be a fall hazard?

Assessment and planning of discharge needs in geriatrics essay
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Hospital Discharge Planning: A Guide for Families and Caregivers