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Many factors contributed to the Italian Renaissance, both geopolitical and economic. This Renaissance period moved all aspects art and architecture away from the medieval gothic style and into a time of classical rejuvenation.

Brunelleschi and Lorenzo were to make two separate bronze doors English poetry was exactly at the right stage of development for this transplantation to occur, since forms such as the sonnet were uniquely adapted to setting as madrigals: indeed, the sonnet was already well developed in Italy.

As in the Classical period, proportion was the most important factor of beauty; Renaissance architects found a harmony between human proportions and buildings.

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Grand, elaborate columns demonstrate Roman and Greek style of temples. Located on the north end of the Adriatic Sea it was ideal for merchant shipping. The study of classical antiquity led in particular to the adoption of Classical detail and ornamentation.

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It is composed of a central octagon surrounded by a circuit of eight smaller chapels. The Villa Emo Treviso, was a working estate, while the Villa Rotonda Vicenza, —69 was an aristocratic refuge. They would hold asymmetrical towers built attached to each side, suggesting at the development from medieval fortified architecture. Venetian Gothic architecture is a term given to a Venetian building style combining use of the Gothic lancet arch with Byzantine and Ottoman influences. This is the dome of the Pantheon , a circular temple, now a church. No field was left untasted by the revolution caused by this influential epoch. The most representative architect of Italian Renaissance Architecture is Bramante — , who developed the applicability of classical architectural elements to contemporary buildings, a style that was to dominate Italian architecture in the 16th century. Many new manners of architecture, every bit good as designers emerged during this period, going known throughout clip. However going back in time with no choice what so ever of where I was going and in what time period I would end up in is a bit frightening.

During the 16th century, two large granite basins from the Baths of Caracalla were adapted as fountains in the Piazza Farnese, the urban face of the palace.

The art of plastic art reached its apogee during the Renaissance.

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The Cathedral of Florence that now serves as his monument was one of his largest architectural developments. Italian men of colture of Quattrocento where Early Renaissance Vs. He was, however, hardly a slave to the classical forms and it was his style that was to dominate Italian architecture in the 16th century. The Renaissance brought many changes to Europe, the economy was greatly boosted They are sometimes conventional, and at other times, they are not The Renaissance architecture has had an influence on architecture throughout the ages. Many components of this structure reflect their foreign influences. Quattrocento[ edit ] In the Quattrocento, concepts of architectural order were explored and rules were formulated.
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