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For example: Henriques, J. Guide to APA format. Provide the exact URL for where the document can be found.

How to cite an article apa

Online Newspaper Article: When citing an online newspaper article, you should provide the URL of the newspaper's home page. About Psychology. Online Documents: The basic structure for referencing online documents is very similar to other references , but with the addition of a retrieval source. For example: Leptkin, J. The following examples can help you prepare your electronic references in proper APA format. Title of article. Journal of Internet Psychology, 4. The New York Times. It is important to note the exact Web address on any online source you use. Beyond convergence: Confluence culture and the role of the advertising agency in a changing world [online exclusive]. For example: Freud, S. For example: Henriques, J. You should also include the exact date that the message was posted. For an example of citing an article taken from a database, click on the database articles tab above. Title of Periodical, Volume number, page numbers.

For example: Parker-Pope, T. Twitter is frozen in time. The Library Channel. About Psychology. Study tips for psychology students [Online forum comment].

how to cite a website apa in text

According to the sixth edition of the APA style manual, it is not necessary to include database information since these databases tend to change over time. Title of work. How to train a cat to operate a light switch [Video file]. PDF Handout. Retrieved from source For example: Jenet, B.

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