Analysis of the basketball free throw

Kreighbaum and A. Google Scholar Meanwell, W. Krause, ed. Google Scholar Vickers, J. We went to the coaches and assistant coaches at North Carolina State University, where we are based, and told them we had this uncommon ability to study basketball shots very carefully.

Practice the feeling that when you look up and see the rim you are ready to shoot. Published by Elsevier B.

joints used in shooting a basketball

Epub Mar 7. He learned that if you allow it, your brain will cause your body to do what it needs to do both instinctively and instantly.

But he hasn't worked on his foul shot since. The part of our brain that is most involved in learning how to shoot a free throw is the cerebral cortex--which controls higher-order, conscious thought and is adaptable to novel situations.

Google Scholar Nordl and, T. Sports Sciences.

joint actions in basketball
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Free Throws Should Be Easy. Why Do Basketball Players Miss?