Analyse the character of lady macbeth

This, however, further emphasizes the desire and ambition that Lady Macbeth possesses to be queen. She shows the power of her will over her husband, especially when they meet the second time after his return.

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It has been argued over, as long as the play itself, whether she fainted to distract attention from her struggling husband or whether strangely she realises the implications of her actions.

If Lady Macbeth convinced Macbeth that he wanted to be king then she would have gained from his actions. Look how she rubs her hands.

Analyse the character of lady macbeth

If we see Lady Macbeth as just a functional character whose role is to motivate Macbeth to fulfil his ambitions; then we can conclude she is pulled out of the play after she serves this purpose, but only after we see the effects her actions have had on her. English Lady Macbeth: Character Analysis In a play that is abundant in evil occurrences, Lady Macbeth is the overriding source of evil in the first act.

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Shakespeare - Macbeth, 1. Written by Michael Donkor is a writer and is currently working on his first novel Hold. She has nightmares and in one famous scene Act 5, Scene 1appears to try to wash from her hands the blood she imagines has been left behind by the murders.

He agrees with the plan to murder the king.

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This way he worked his way up to the rank of a captain. On discovering that Macbeth has forgotten to smear the grooms with blood, and that he has brought away the daggers from the dread chamber, she bids him return and carry out the unfinished details of the plot. There is a scene after the murders where Lady Macbeth faints. At the commencement, she has far greater strength of will than her husband. Alternatively, rather than interpreting Lady Macbeth's requests for dark assistance literally, we can see them as more metaphorical utterances: the speech is, in fact, a kind of 'pep talk' directed to herself and designed to undermine the merest inkling of 'remorse' she might feel. Her Energy. Nor time nor place Did then adhere, and yet you would make both. The qualities that it takes to murder a king are not present in Lady Macbeth. But by the end of the play her desire is for clarity; to be free of dirty, blemishing entities.

As soon as Lady Macbeth finds out about the prophecy of the three witches, seeing the opportunity, without a moment of hesitation she decides, and vows to herself that King Duncan will not leave the castle alive.

Her conscience does not seem to be affected by the horrific actions she plans to do, on the other hand her man, who's soul is constantly encumbered by the depths of the crimes.

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Character analysis: Lady Macbeth