An introduction to the history and literature by nellie mcclung

Toronto: Briggs, Both suffrage and Prohibition had been passed in Manitoba and were steadily achieving success in the rest of Canada. I was hoping there would be a race for girls under ten, or that girls might enter with the boys.

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McClung had, however, been a high profile figure, as a suffragist, politician, and writer, in Canadian politics and literature for many years and remained so well into the s. It addresses the profoundly anti-feminist context within which McClung was forced to make her arguments, and notes her indebtedness to other feminist. The event was a resounding success. As well, her popularity as a writer and public speaker, combined with a humorous and gentle nature, had the effect of disarming critics. But the whole question of girls competing in races was frowned on. History of the Canadian Peoples: An effective speaker with a sense of humour, she played a leading role in the successful Liberal campaign in The houses are open to the public. McClung, Nellie L. For six-year-old Nellie, the move west and homesteading was an adventure, remembered fondly in later life. Nellie McClung was a firecracker I think that's the expression. She was a part of the social and moral reform movements prevalent in Western Canada in the early s. We Anglo-Saxon people have a decided sense of our own superiority Within the next few years, the rest of the provinces except Quebec and the federal government followed suit.

Rural life, the plight of immigrants, conditions in cities and factories, the movements for prohibition and women's suffrage, World War I, the Depression and World War II provided the historical context for Nellie, both as a writer and a social reformer.

Unlike Manitou, Winnipeg provided the specter of poverty, disease and "immorality," with women and children the most visible victims.

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Savage, Candace. I wanted to know why, but I was hushed up.

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With the three young children she had bythere is no doubt that being a wife and mother had become a full-time responsibility. She had enormous energy, and was rai 3. She was a pioneer teacher, author, suffragist, social reformer, lecturer and legislator who lived in the West Manitou, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Victoria until her death in A.

Although she remained committed to temperance throughout her life, the reality of female inequality in Canadian society moved progressively more into focus for her.

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An introduction to the history and literature by nellie mcclung
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