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The scope of his plays is wide: Marco Polo's voyage to China Marco Millions, ; a play of contemporary life, using masks in the Greek manner The Great God Brown, ; a nine-act drama in which the characters speak their thoughts aloud Strange Interlude,for which he won his third Pulitzer Prize ; and a gentle comedy about young love in turn-of-the-century New England Ah, Wilderness!

O'Neill's first published play, Beyond the Horizonopened on Broadway in to great acclaim, and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. That's the best I'll ever do … Well it will be faithful realism, at least.

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Five years later, he became the first American playwright to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. O'Neill's first published play, Beyond the Horizon , opened on Broadway in to great acclaim, and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. A worsening tremor in his hands slowly robbed him of the ability to write, and he found himself blocked when he was unable to set pencil to paper. Throughout this period, unsurprisingly, O'Neill himself was drinking heavily: he would struggle with depression and illness for the rest of his life; when he won the Nobel prize it had to be brought to him in a hospital bed. It was there among the turmoil of a despondent father and a morphine-addicted mother that he decided to become a playwright. With the stipend, he and his wife Carlotta were able to build the home he came to call his "final harbour," Tao House. Writing was everything. Because he weighed 11 pounds at birth, Ella had a difficult time of it. I just stammered. In , O'Neill battled tuberculosis. But O'Neill's private struggles seemed to aid him in creating greater dramatic works for the stage, including Desire Under the Elms and Strange Interlude He wanted only time and solitude to write his plays while he was still healthy. Visit Website Eugene O'Neill spent much of his early life on the road with his father.

For the last play, he received his fourth Pulitzer Prize, awarded posthumously following the New York premiere in He wrote not only out of his own suffering and damage, but also out of his nation's, rooting his sense of America's modern failures in a framework of classical tragedy.

His illness was quickly arrested.

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After several years' absence from the stage, inO'Neill returned with one of his most heralded works, The Iceman Cometh, a dark drama that explores the lives of a group of barflies.

The Web was one of O'Neill's first dramas.

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In , O'Neill, never a supportive parent, cut ties with his youngest son, Shane, after Shane was arrested for drug possession. O'Neill never completed another play after His final words, reportedly, were: "I knew it. The couple had three children, all boys. One of those big-chested, chiseled-mug, romantic old boys Some biographers have asserted that he was an alcoholic by 15; before he was 20, he'd secretly married a girl who was pregnant with his child. They saw their lives ennobled by it. He also had distant relationships with his sons. Between these two productions, new interest in O'Neill was sparked, and his reputation enjoyed a posthumous recovery. In he fell in love with and married the first of three wives, Kathleen Jenkins.

Before he was twenty-five years old, he had married and fathered a son; gone off to Honduras on a gold discovering expedition; abandoned a wife and child; shipped out to sea; lived along the waterfronts of New York, Buenos Aires, and Southampton; tried to commit suicide; worked as a newspaper reporter; and spent six months in a sanatorium recovering from tuberculosis.

He eventually dropped out before finishing his first year at Princeton University. For the first seven years of Eugene's life, the O'Neill family toured with James during his stint with his successful though artistically unimpressive theater company.

Between he worked an odd assortment of jobs and traveled extensively as a sailor. All three dramatize Irish-American families in opposition to or in isolation from their Yankee counterparts. The Broadway production of his first published play, Beyond the Horizon, marked the start of O'Neill's ascent to fame.

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